List of Publications Using Islets From ICR

  Below is a list of publications representing the work supported, in part, by funding from the National Islet Cell Resource Program. PUBMED Abstracts of the articles are available below. All articles are ordered by year of publication and alphabetically by author's last name.
Asari S, Itakura S, Ferreri K, Liu CP, Kuroda Y, Kandeel F, Mullen Y: Mesenchymal stem cells suppress B-cell terminal differentiation. Exp Hematol. 2009 May; 37(5): 604-15. [PUBMED]
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Dhawan S, Tschen SI, Bhushan A: Bmi-1 regulates the Ink4a/Arf locus to control pancreatic beta-cell proliferation. Genes Dev. 2009 Apr 15;23(8):906-11. [PUBMED]
Fiaschi-Taesch N, Bigatel TA, Sicari B, Takane KK, Salim F, Velazquez-Garcia S, Harb G, Selk K, Cozar-Castellano I, Stewart AF: Survey of the Human Pancreatic Beta Cell G1/S Proteome Reveals a Potential Therapeutic Role for Cdk-6 and Cyclin D1 in Enhancing Human Beta Cell Replication and Function in Vivo. Diabetes, 2009 Apr;58(4):882-93. Epub 2009 Jan 9. [PUBMED]
Glas R, Sauter NS, Schulthess FT, Shu L, Oberholzer J, Maedler K: Purinergic P2X7 receptors regulate secretion of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist and beta cell function and survival. Diabetologia 2009 Aug;52(8):1579-88. Epub 2009 Apr 25 [PUBMED]
Huang J, Levitsky LL, Rhoads DB: Novel P2 Promoter-Derived HNF4α Isoforms with Different N-Terminus Generated by Alternate Exon Insertion. Exp Cell Res. 2009 Apr 15;315(7):1200-11 [PUBMED]
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Liu H, Remedi MS, Pappan KL, Kwon G, Rohatgi N, Marshall CA, McDaniel ML. Both Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 (GSK-3) and Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) Pathways Contribute to DNA Synthesis, Cell Cycle Progression and Proliferation in Human Islets. 2009 Mar;58(3):663-72. Epub 2008 Dec 10 [PUBMED abstract]
Liu S, Le May C, Wong WP, Ward RD, Clegg DJ, Marcelli M, Korach KS, Mauvais-Jarvis F: Importance of extranuclear estrogen receptor-{alpha} and membrane G protein-coupled estrogen receptor in pancreatic islet survival. Diabetes. 2009 Jul 8. [Epub ahead of print] [PUBMED]
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Panakanti R, Mahato RI: Bipartite adenoviral vector encoding hHGF and hIL-1Ra for improved human islet transplantation. Pharm Res. 2009 Mar;26(3):587-96. Epub 2008 Nov 12. [PUBMED]
Panakanti R, Mahato RI: Bipartite Vector Encoding hVEGF and hIL-1Ra for Ex Vivo Transduction into Human Islets. Mol Pharm. 2009 Jan-Feb; 6(1): 274-84. [PUBMED]
Qi M, Barbaro B, Wang S, Wang Y, Hansen M, Oberholzer J: Human pancreatic islet isolation: Part I: digestion and collection of pancreatic tissue. J Vis Exp. 2009 May 26;(27). pii: 1125. doi: 10.3791/1125 [PUBMED]
Qi M, Barbaro B, Wang S, Wang Y, Hansen M, Oberholzer J: Human pancreatic islet isolation: Part II: purification and culture of human islets. J Vis Exp. 2009 May 26;(27). pii: 1343. doi: 10.3791/1343 [PUBMED]
Russ HA, Ravassard P, Kerr-Conte J, Pattou F, Efrat S: Epithelial-mesenchymal transition in cells expanded in vitro from lineage-traced adult human pancreatic Beta cells. PLoS One. 2009 Jul 29;4(7):e6417 [PUBMED]
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Shu L, Matveyenko AV, Kerr-Conte J, Cho JH, McIntosh CH, Maedler K: Decreased TCF7L2 protein levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus correlate with downregulation of GIP- and GLP-1 receptors and impaired beta-cell function. Hum Mol Genet. 2009 Jul 1;18(13):2388-99. Epub 2009 Apr 21 [PUBMED]
Yu J, Steck AK, Babu S, Yu L, Miao D, McFann K, Hutton J, Eisenbarth GS, Klingensmith G. Single nucleotide transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) gene polymorphisms in antiislet autoantibody-negative patients at onset of diabetes. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2009 Feb; 94(2):504-10. Epub 2008 Dec 2. [PUBMED abstract]
Zhang S, Carper MJ, Lei X, Cade WT, Yarasheski KE, Ramanadham S: Protease inhibitors used in the treatmentof HIV induce β-cell apoptosis via the mitochondrial pathway and compromise insulin secretion. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2009 Apr;296(4):E925-35. Epub 2009 Feb 10 [PUBMED]
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Brissova M, Powers AC. Revascularization of Transplanted Islets: Can It Be Improved? Diabetes 57: 2269, 2008. [PUBMED abstract]
Brun T, He KH, Lupi R, Boehm B, Wojtusciszyn A, Sauter N, Donath M, Marchetti P, Maedler K, Gauthier BR: The diabetes-linked transcription factor Pax4 is expressed in human pancreatic islets and is activated by mitogens and GLP-1. Hum Mol Genet 2008. 17(4):478-89. Epub 2007 Nov 7. [PUBMED abstract]
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Cheng G, Zhu L, Mahato RI: Caspase-3 Gene Silencing for Inhibiting Apoptosis in Insulinoma Cells and Human Islets. Mol Pharm. 2008 Nov-Dec;5(6):1093-102. [PUBMED]
Cozar-Castellano I, Harb G, Selk K, Takane K, Vasavada R, Sicari B, Law B, Zhang P, Scott DK, Fiaschi-Taesch N, Stewart AF: Lessons from the first comprehensive molecular characterization of cell cycle control in rodent insulinoma cell lines. Diabetes, 2008 Nov;57(11):3056-68. Epub 2008 Jul 23 [PUBMED]
Deshet N, Lupu-Meiri M, Espinoza I, Fili O, Shapira Y, Lupu R, Gershengorn MC, Oron Y: Plasminogen-induced aggregation of PANC-1 cells requires conversion to plasmin and is inhibited by endogenous plasminogen activator inhibitor-1. J. Cell. Physiol. 216: 632-639. 2008 [Wiley]
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