Administrative and Bioinformatics Coordinating Center (ABCC)

The ABCC coordinated the activities of the SC and the ICRs, including the administrative, supervisory, and collaborative arrangements required to achieve the goals of the program from August, 2002 through July 31, 2009. In so doing, the ABCC Director and staff worked closely to cooperate and collaborate fully with the ICR Directors, the SC, and the NCRR Program Coordinator. The ABCC had developed plans and procedures for managing and coordinating core data, drawing upon extensive related experience to meet these objectives. The specific aims of the ABCC were:
  1. Serving the administrative functions common to the ICRs, and coordinating ICR activities.
  2. Providing administrative support and oversight to the ICR Steering Committee.
  3. Promoting translational research through the coordination of islet cell distribution, interacting closely with the National Islet/Beta Cell Registry for the efficient exchange of data and facilitation of cell distribution.
  4. Providing the Biomedical Informatics resources to create and maintain the ICR information systems and information management processes, using state-of-the-art information technology and robust security/confidentiality.
  5. Hosting a central repository to collect, manage, and analyze data generated by ICR operations, to optimize islet cell isolation and improve the safety and efficacy of human islet cell transplants.