The Marquette Hotel, Minneapolis, MN
Thursday, August 24, 2006

I. Beta Cells and Islets:
a. Recent Progress in Beta Cell Biology   Session Chair: Gordon Weir, Joslin Diabetes Center
  1. Per-Olof Berggren, Karolinska Institute
“Signal-Transduction in Pancreatic B-Cell Function and Survival”
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  2. John A. Corbett, St. Louis University
“How Do Cytokines Kill Beta Cells?”
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b. Predictive Islet Potency Testing   Session Chair: Bernhard Hering, University of Minnesota
  1. Robert Kennedy, University of Michigan
“Microfluidics, Sensors and Metabolomics: Can These Tools Aid Evaluation of Transplantable Islets?”
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  2. Olle Korsgren, Uppsala University
Title: Pending
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  3. Philip J. O’Connell, Westmead Hospital
“Novel Approaches to Identifying Islets Criteria that Predict Clinical Outcomes”
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  4. Christopher Rhodes, University of Chicago
“A ß-Cell Functional Differentiation Diagnostic Laboratory - for Human Islets and Candidate ß-Cells Alike”
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Optional Lunch Tour Being Offered (Must sign up – limited space available):
University of Minnesota ICR Islet Isolation Facility
II. Collagenase Enzyme: Current Issues and Future Directions:
a. Session I   Chair (Sessions I-III): Jonathan R.T. Lakey,
University of Alberta, Edmonton
  1. Federico Bertuzzi, ISMETT
“Characterization of Successful Collagenase Blend Enzymes for Human Islet Isolation”
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  2. Daniel Brandhorst, Uppsala University
“The Importance of Collagenase Class I and II for Islet Isolation Outcome: A Prospective Study”
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  3. A.N. Balamurugan, University of Colorado
“Secondary Negative Effects of Isolation Enzyme(s) on Human Islets”
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b. Session II    
  1. Vladimir Malinovskii, University of Miami DRI
“Characterization, Assessment, and Autoproteolysis in Commercial Blends of
Clostidial Collagenases Used for Human Islets Isolation”
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c. Session III         
  1. Bob McCarthy, VitaCyte
“Purified Tissue Dissociation Enzymes: Past, Present, Future Challenges”
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Optional Hosted Dinner 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm in the Marquette Hotel’s Stars Salon